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Instant response time from monday to friday from 8am to 5pm.

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System Management

Can I see the SLA that you offer?
Yes, you can contact our sales representative. She can send you our SLA and advise you.
Can you cooperate with our infrastructure partner?
Yes, this is not a problem. We work with different infrastructure partners.
I need to organise the maintenance for my application
Developing a new application is one thing, maintaining an existing application is a completely different task.

Unfortunately, the reality is that thinking about maintenance at the start is seen as the final item in the budget. The focus is on building as much functionality as possible for as little money as possible. If there is no attention for maintenance, there is a good chance that developers will not worry about neat software development and good documentation. It also happens that a successful project is transferred halfway through or that a project starts small but gets bigger and bigger. The result may be that maintenance of the code is difficult and expensive.

To prevent this, we already make agreements about the organization of maintenance in the initial phase of a project. This helps to keep maintenance as clear, simple and cost-efficient as possible and to organize daily maintenance as effectively as possible.

We like clarity. We therefore accurately record important elements such as quality control, documentation and knowledge transfer in transparent maintenance procedures. It is the management that has to pay attention to this. We ensure that only employees who adhere to the agreements work on the application.

Do you have an existing application for which you are looking for a maintenance solution? We may be able to help you. Every maintenance project starts with an intake in which the current situation is evaluated and expert advice is given.

Design & Animation

What if I need a design for a website, how is this organised?
Before we start designing we first need to understand your needs. Which target group do you have in mind and which goals do you want to achieve. Than we make a creative brief and formulate a strategic concept. Now we can describe the customer journeys. The next step is the UX design, which forms the basis for the visual (UI) design. During this design process we involve you by asking for regular feedback.

We will complete the design based on your feedback. We discuss the design extensively with you, so that you have a good idea of ??what we are going to build. Creating content can be started based on the detailed design.
Can you show us examples of your work?
We have worked for various customers. We design and build websites, develop customer-oriented applications and create animations to increase the conversion rate of your website or app. For more information, contact our representative, who will be happy to show you examples of our work.
Can you cooperate with our design partner?
Yes, we can. Although we have our own designers, we can also collaborate with other designers hired by our customers.

In that case it is important to make good agreements. Is a designer part of the agile team? Or does the designer deliver a design that must be perfectly realized by the pixel team? Who is responsible for testing the design? And how does the process work if it appears that it is better to make changes?

Feasibility & Prototyping

Can you calculate how much I can save?
Our services can contribute to cost savings in various ways. The most striking are the hourly rates. You save at least 30% on the deployment of IT specialists, a figure that can even go up to 50%. The hourly rates are an important aspect of your total costs, but certainly not the only one. After all, a lower hourly rate does not provide a benefit if they need more hours. Efficiency is therefore another important aspect.

FullAD has a lot of experience with designing, building and maintaining software. We make this knowledge available to work with you on an effective and efficient approach. The following elements play a major role in this:

  • Deployment of experienced developers with an adult attitude
  • Involvement in your company and project, working on shared objectives
  • Working from a well-considered architecture
  • Ensure knowledge sharing and documentation
  • Organize good quality assurance through an integrated approach

  • Thanks to our smart technicians and our nearshoring facilities in Eastern Europe, we can certainly help you with high-quality solutions and considerable cost savings.
    Can you deliver the specialist that I need?
    FullAD has an extensive network of specialists in all areas of software development. If we cannot help you, we will introduce you to someone who can.

    Software Architecture

    Do you advise to use a platform to accelerate the development process?
    Usually a platform is chosen to cut development costs and shorten the introduction time. Another reason for choosing a platform is that software developers are scarce and the use of a platform reduces the required development capacity.

    In addition to the advantages, however, there are also a number of disadvantages such as license costs and the limited availability of platform specialists. Which solution suits you best depends entirely on your situation.
    How to make a future-proof architecture choice?
    The choice for an architecture design for a new application is a major decision in the development process. It is the time were choices are made that have great impact on project costs, functionality and maintenance costs. Therefore it is important to make sure that the architecture is well thought of. A good architecture is made only after a careful and thorough specification phase and always checked for a second opinion by a colleague.

    FullAD can help you making good specifications and bring in good architects.
    Can you make a cost estimate based on my idea?
    Software projects are generally difficult to estimate in terms of costs. One reason is that although developers sometimes seem to think in 0 and 1, the development process is not a binary process. Sometimes it is difficult to predict how much time it will take to solve a problem.

    Another reason is that it is almost impossible to fully describe a solution in advance. And even if this succeeds, ideas as well as expectations change over time. In addition, there are simple solutions and more luxurious ways to build an application.

    We have a preference for a transparent working method in everything we do. This also applies to the process of cost estimates. The more information we have, the better we can make an estimate. For more complex applications, we prefer to prepare the cost estimate in your presence.
    Is it possible to create an API for our legacy software?
    Yes, generally speaking it is possible to make an API for almost any legacy software. Please tell us more about the software and we will discuss with you the various solutions.
    How can I update my software while the store is open?
    Replacing existing software is not an easy job. Sometimes it is possible to do this in one go. But in the case of tailor-made business software, it is often not a good idea to opt for a "Big Bang" migration strategy. In most cases, we therefore recommend that you make a transition plan with which you can gradually replace the old software. This is a modular solution that allows you to replace the old application piece by piece or by functionality. Do you want to know more about our migration solutions? Please contact us, we will gladly help you further.
    I need a software architect to explore the feasibility of my idea
    You have an idea that can improve your business and help you move forward. Now you want to know to what extent this idea has a chance of success. You are interested in the technical, operational and economic feasibility of your plan. We can help you with this.

    To evaluate the feasibility, we can help you with a feasibility study that determines whether the solution that is being considered to meet the requirements is practical and workable.

    With a feasibility study we find out what is needed to turn the proposed idea into a practical software solution. You get information about the financial feasibility of your plans, the benefits of the software and the expected maintenance costs.

    Software Development

    What guarantees can you give regarding confidentiality?
    We take the utmost care when hiring staff. Confidentiality and intellectual property is included in our contracts. We offer our customers Non Disclosure Agreements. Within our company a no-usb policy is in use while software development takes place as much as possible on the company's servers. Everyone who comes to our office is registered and our office is equipped with sufficient security and an alarm system. In addition, we can make extra provisions in accordance with customer requirements.
    How do you guarantee the client-specific knowledge?
    When a software developer works on a project for a long time, he or she builds up a lot of knowledge. If no measures are taken in advance, the entire company can eventually become dependent on this person. If he or she subsequently leaves the company, this may jeopardize the continuity of the company.

    We therefore provide a procedure whereby the knowledge of the application is shared with multiple developers. Of course, this requires an additional investment, but the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages: for example, code review leads to higher software quality, better service and less maintenance costs afterwards. This way you are not dependent on a single developer. An emergency plan is also a fixed part of our approach.
    Can we meet your developers?
    Yes, you are very welcome in our office in Ukraine. Here you can meet the team in person and combine the useful with the pleasant. Kiev is a comfortable place to stay and easily accessible by plane. If you prefer our developers to visit your company, this is also possible. Since 2017, our specialists no longer need a visa for most countries.
    How do you organise working remote to be successful?
    It is important that the professionals feel part of your project team and are connected. Therefore we advise to arrange a meeting and we organise the work in such a way that there will be daily stand-ups. The tools that are available today make it possible to work effectively even from a remote location.
    Which software development tools do you use?
    We use various tools, for example for storing software code, but also for communication. We can give you access to our issue management system with which you can follow the progress of your project on a daily basis. We work with a technology stack that contains the most commonly used modern developer tools and methods.
    Which technologies do you support?
    On our technology page you will find the technologies that we currently support. If you prefer to use a different technology, ask us about the possibilities.
    I need only the best developers, do you have them?
    We only select developers who are passionate about software development and who combine that with good education and relevant work experience. In our company, developers must earn seniority, simply spending hours is not enough. This is the way how we select our professionals:

  • They need to have a good education and have excellent English skills.
  • The first selection is done by our recruiters, they check the cv and ask questions to understand the motivation of the candidate.
  • If the recruiters think that a candidate is fit for FullAD they will introduce them to the team. The team will have extensive evaluation, we also have the candidate take a test.
  • When there is no doubts anymore, the candidate is introduced to management. The management has a final interview with the candidate to get an impression of his attitude and English language skills. Only when all this is in order, will the candidate be introduced to our client.

  • We advise customers to come to our office to meet the candidate(s) in person. When you are going to work together (possibly for a long time) it is important that there is a match.